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100 trees planted at Peacehaven Community Orchard

The Deputy Mayor of Peacehaven Cllr. Gloria Hill and 13 other volunteers planted 100 trees donated by the South Downs National Park Authority on Monday 17th January including 15 Elms, 30 Wild Cherry, 35 Field Maple and 20 Goat Willow.

The orchard is located on the northern side of the Centenary (big) Park on Piddinghoe Avenue in Peacehaven and the new trees were planted along the eastern edge.

Holes were dug by volunteers and trees planted alongside stakes and covered with a plastic tube which will provide them protection for the first couple of years of growth.

The established trees will provide additional shelter and a windbreak for the almost 100 apple trees growing including many Sussex varieties that are cared for by a team of volunteers with the support of Brighton Permaculture Trust.


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