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Climate Café Conversation in Peacehaven 23rd November

Peacehaven is hosting a Climate Café Conversation on 23rd November 6.30pm–8pm facilitated by Guy Gladstone Member of Seaford Environmental Alliance and The Climate Psychology Alliance.

Come, share your thoughts and feelings on the climate, and listen to others at this free event at The Charles Neville Room, The Meridian Centre, Meridian Way, Peacehaven BN10 8BB. Everyone is welcome and coffee, teas and cake are provided.

Discuss what is happening to our climate and what this might mean for you and your family and friends, also for other species.

The focus of discussion in a Climate Café is participant’s immediate thoughts and feelings, rather than what we are doing (or not doing) about it.

That this is happening for real is taken as read. Accordingly, it is NOT an event for arguing about the validity of the science. It is also an advice-free zone with no pressure to take action, join a group or change your mind on anything.

If you have a question about this event, please call 01323 891097.

Alternatively, pop into The Information Office at Community House or call 01273 585493.


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