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Explore Telscombe Village with a walk from Saltdean

The South Downs National Park has created a walking trail from Saltdean to Telscombe Village and back again. It's 4 miles/6.5km, takes about 1.5 hours and has slight inclines but is mostly flat.

Telscombe Village has retained its peaceful character due to the wealthy bookmaker Ambrose Gorham who left the village to a trust known as ‘Gorham’s Gift’.

The route starts from the bus stop at the junction with Wicklands Avenue and heads up up Longridge Avenue. It follows on to Telscombe Tye and past the Dew Pond.

Then into Telscombe Village, right past the church, right again at Telscombe Road and back to the Tye where you can retrace your steps back to Longridge Avenue.


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