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Exhibition/ Sanni Falkenberg

My sculptures are a study of the contrasts, from dead and rigid to alive and moving, from ceasing to immortal. I sculpt semiprecious gemstones to resemble flower buds that invite the viewer to see humanized, intimate elements in them. My work has an element of softness and sensuality despite of the unmalleable nature of the stone, and invites to be touched.


Alongside objet d’art, I have a love and passion for luscious, one of a kind jewellery. The flowing, organic shapes and soft forms that are so distinctive to my carvings, translate into luxurious adornment. I endeavour to create jewellery that makes the wearer feel fabulous. I carefully choose the stones that carve for each piece, sometimes spending months before I find the right gemstone, resulting an exceptional, wearable treasure.  

My raw materials were created deep in the interior of the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago which inspires me to create art that could have been created generations before or after us – I don’t want it to be distinctively from any certain era.


The process of the work is fluid like the forms I create; while I’m revealing the object inside, I find features in the stone that I want to follow and enhance. It is like having a dialogue with the stone. At the initial stage of the project I have a vision, but the final outcome is a combination of my vision and what the stone has revealed throughout the process – the end result is always a creative discovery.

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