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Points of interest in Saltdean

As seen from the Saltdean Way

The Saltdean Way path was covered in a previous post and in this post we look at points of interest in Saltdean as seen from the Saltdean Way.

1. The Saltdean Lido, designed by RWH Jones, is the only Grade II listed lido in the country. First opened in the summer of 1938, it was used by the National Fire Service during the War, left derelict until 1964, revived for 30 years, then abandoned again. Community action saw it reopened in 2017 by The Saltdean Lido CIC which has been raising funds for its full restoration.

2. The Saltdean Barn - early 19th Century hay/corn barn. Used as a riding stables both before and after the war, it also served as HQ for the War Agricultural Committee and base for the Women's Land Army.

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3. St. Nicholas Anglican Church, designed by Sir Edward Maufe, opened in 1964 alongside the earlier Hall which had served as a chapel since 1951.

4. Newlands Barn and Stables, 19th century flint buildings, now private, were once the warehouses and offices of Neville's Saltdean Estate Co.

5. The Mount Estate, laid out to Neville's design as holiday cottages around three public greens, was also used to house Royal Navy personnel during the War.

6. Looes Barn, early 19th Century, was long derelict before being converted to residences in 2002.

7. Pickers Hill Farm dates only from the 1940's as the original 18th century buildings were used for target practice by wartime troops stationed nearby.

8. High Hill is the new site of Balsdean Farm, rebuilt after the original medieval village in the adjacent valley was destroyed by Canadian artillery fire.

9. Whiteway Lane - Traditional smuggler's path.

10. The Saltdean Tunnel, built in 1933 by unemployed Welsh miners is part of the Undercliff Walk and Sea Defence which now runs 3.3 miles from the Brighton Marina.

Thanks to Saltdean Community Charity for compiling the information.


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