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Dogtember at Saltdean Lido

Take your dog for a swim this weekend 24th-25th September at Saltdean Lido for the annual Dogtember. There are five 90-minute swimming sessions each day, including special sessions for small dogs and large dogs. Several informal breed meet-ups are also being planned via the Saltdean Lido Dog Swimmers group.

You'll need a swim ticket to swim with your dog or you can buy a spectator ticket to watch poolside. Under 16s are not allowed in the pool. Dogs can be let off the lead once through the gate in the secure site.

If you’re not confident diving straight into the 40m (heated) pool, you also have access to the gently-sloping splash pool with a slide and water spouts and there’s lots of grass to run around on.

They have a great range of stalls, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities for dog treats and they’ll be offering a drying service so that you can be comfy in your car on the way home.

You'll need a ticket (either swim or spectator) before the Dog ticket option is visible. Tickets go quickly, so don’t dawdle.


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