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Exhibition by Congolese artist Baudouin Mouanda in Kemp Town

Koop Projects in Kemp Town is showing Le Ciel de Saison until 10th November, a solo exhibition by Congolese artist Baudouin Baudouin Mouanda which speaks of the catastrophic effects of flooding, bringing to light how deeply vulnerable Africa is to environmental degradation and extreme climatic events.

Baudouin worked in his home town of Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo, a place regularly affected by torrential rain and floods, constantly at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Due to the danger and complexity of photographing the neighbourhoods during these times of deluge, Mouanda cleverly used a flooded basement to recreate the consequences of these disasters. Shot using natural light against backdrops painted in bright colours, the scenes are enacted with the help of Brazzaville locals, both adults and children, who pose alongside their personal items.

The protagonists look calmly and directly into the photographer's camera, radiating a mixture of suffering, hardship and strength. Whether reproducing schools, street stalls or domestic spaces, it’s a surreal, protracted instant, and one that offers immense emotive and visual power—reflections abound, worlds are turned upside down.

The climate emergency is a pressing theme and many contemporary artists are using their practice to shine a light on the ill effects of human actions, with tangible urgency. With Le Ciel de Saison, Mouanda uses the immediacy of portraiture to tell stories that shake us from our complacency, inviting us to connect with humanity and awaken our innate obligation to preserve and respect the fragile planet we call home.

The gallery is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 5pm and on the first Sunday after a new exhibition opening from 11am to 4pm at 93 St George's Road, Brighton, BN2 1EE.


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