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Fort Road Recreation Ground Newhaven multi-million-pound investment update

Fort Road Recreation Ground is receiving multi-million-pound investment as part of the Newhaven Town Deal from the Government's Town's Fund plan to level up regions. Newhaven was offered a Town Deal worth £19.3 million on Thursday, 15 July 2021.

The children’s play areas and gym equipment will be updated as part of the overall project improvements. Shakespeare Hall will be a focus to ensure it is a place for lots of activity but also space to relax and pause too – improving seating and updating the green areas with attractive, sustainable planting and design out some of the current issues.

The grounds are used by local sports clubs as well as the scouts hut, and Shakespeare Hall - which has a children’s nursery operating in it, plus the skatepark and pump track behind it. There’s ongoing consultation with these existing users to make sure they’re supported but they’re also trying to find out what else would work.

Helen Blanche, Project Manager for Fort Road Recreation Ground (Lewes District Council), "We’re thinking how to best use the money which has been allocated in our Town Deal, especially in light of rising costs. We are working closely with Architects and Landscape Architects to make sure that the project as a whole will suit the needs of all the users."

"We’ve also talked about setting up a “friends” group for Fort Road Rec. This has been a very positive addition at other parks I have worked on. At the end of the day, we want Fort Road to be well used, loved, and looked after. Improving connections to the town of Newhaven is key, particularly encouraging people to walk and cycle to the park."

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