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Gardening tips for April from Peacehaven Horticultural Society

Peacehaven Horticultural Society shares its top tips for April in the garden covering new lawns; summer bulbs; pruning perennials and cutting back lavender.

Now is the time to sow new lawns and repair bare patches. Plant summer flowering bulbs, you can also support perennials before they get too large.

When pruning perennials some plants benefit from having their flowering shoots thinned out.

Divide herbaceous perennials when they are too large for their space.

Lightly cut back lavenders to prevent them getting too woody.

If you fancy pot grown fruit trees and bushes now is the time to plant them. You can also sow sweet peas outdoors.

Sowing outdoors is an inexpensive easy way to grow new plants. It's now time to sow outdoors the following:





Sweet Peppers







Spring and pickling Onions

Tie in climbing and rambling roses and protect fruit blossom from late frosts.

If you have bamboo, now is the time to divide it. Pots and tubs will benefit from topping up with fresh compost.

If plants are showing signs of being pot-bound, you should pot them on. Continue to protect lilies, delphiniums and Hosta's from slugs and snails.

Alison Standing. Peacehaven Horticultural Society. For more information go to:


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