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Join the City Nature Challenge 2023 28th April - 1st May

Take part in the 2023 City Nature Challenge (CNC) from 28th April - 1st May by discovering and recording the plants and wildlife on your doorstep. Anyone can do it from experienced naturalists to curious beginners, young, old and families.

The search area includes land, freshwater, sea countryside and urban and there are many safe ways to enjoy and record local wildlife at home, school, green space or beach; e.g.

  • Looking for insects visiting flowers; spiders in your shed; bugs under logs etc.

  • Set up a moth light

  • Look for any wild plants growing

  • Do some pond dipping

  • Go rock pooling

  • Use a wildlife camera to record night time mammals

  • List any birds you spot

The 2023 City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a global citizen science event where Brighton & Eastern Downs will join 450+ regions worldwide, including 19 others in the UK. The main aim is to help connect as many people as possible with local nature by discovering and recording plants and wildlife between the 28th April and 1st May 2023.

Taking part is easy! Help showcase the amazing species we have in this region by downloading the free iNaturalist app to your smartphone or tablet and use it to upload photos of any wildlife you see within the Brighton & Eastern Downs region between 28th April and 1st May 2023.

You don’t have to be an expert, as the iNaturalist app will give you some handy suggestions of what it thinks you’ve seen and the iNaturalist online community can help you to learn more about the wildlife around you. Best of all, the observations you submit can help inform local, national and international conservation work!

Results will be announced Monday, May 8th, so be sure to upload your observations by then! They hope to build upon the success of participating in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and aim to go bigger and better!

City Nature Challenge (Brighton & Eastern Downs) is being led by the University of Brighton, University of Sussex, The Living Coast and the South Downs National Park Authority. For more information, please do check out the website, and if you have any questions at all, email

The City Nature Challenge is organised globally by the citizen science teams at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the California Academy of Sciences.


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