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New exhibition of work by influential artist and Rottingdean resident Sir William Nicholson

A free exhibition, A was an Artist, hosted at the Grange, Rottingdean from 19th June-31st July, features work by influential artist and Rottingdean resident, Sir William Nicholson (1872 - 1949) marking the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Unlike previous, larger and more conventional Nicholson shows, this one centres on his life in Rottingdean - installed, as it is, in his house there - although it covers his early and later work too.

It will give an overview of his entire life and art, with one gallery highlighting his graphic work - woodcuts and illustration from the earliest Beggarstaff period, through his famous woodcut series, to his later book designs.

The other gallery will look at his paintings - portraits, landscapes and still life - and will feature some original works as well as illustrating many more that can’t be borrowed - from his earliest known painting as a teenager, of Blenheim Bridge, to the celebrated Judd’s Farm (Towner Art Gallery) and some paintings from private collections not exhibited before.

One feature of this exhibition that is unusual is that it is also looking at Nicholson the man - and are borrowing memorabilia that are normally not seen - his painting smock, the dressing gown that appears in photos, his hats and waistcoat and shoes, his monogrammed bow tie and his red braces of which he also made a drawing, which will be shown alongside.

It will also have the famous red boots (Miss Simpson’s Boots) that appear in the world record setting still life that recently sold in Christie’s.

For what is really quite a small exhibition, it covers a lot of ground. It will be informative (timeline and family tree included) and affectionate and will do the artist and the man justice in what was once his home.

The exhibition is free to enter and runs from Sunday 19th June - Sunday 31st July 2022 Wednesday - Sunday (inclusive).

For tickets and more information go to or contact Barry Wright 07753 814425


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