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Ovingdean Green Fair and repair cafe 1 Oct

As part of the national Great Big Green Week, Ovingdean will be holding the Ovingdean Green Fair and repair cafe on Saturday 1 Oct 10am to 3pm at Ovingdean Village Hall where you can repair items and get some new ideas for things you can do to tackle climate change and protect nature, while having some fun.

At the Green Fair you will find:

  • The Deans Repair Cafe - Bring something for the team to repair instead of throwing it away (see below)

  • Entertainment - jazz band 'Work in Progress'

  • Indian Veggie snacks from Mother Bhumi

  • Sustainable and nature products to buy

  • Local nature and climate groups to talk with

  • Barista coffee, tea, cakes and snacks

  • The bar will be open 12:00 to 2:00pm

  • A Children's play - Midsummer Night’s Green (starts 1:30)

  • Children's games and activities

  • Bike Smoothie Maker

  • Electric Cars

Everyone is welcome to this free event. There is only a small car park so best to park nearby or save emissions by walking or cycling.

The Deans Repair Cafe at the Ovingdean Green Fair

Our team of volunteers will be available to sew up holes and hems, examine and hopefully fix broken electrical items, IT devices (not Macs), anything that’s made of wood, plastic or metal - and give your bike a bit of loving too.

​They will be bringing

  • Seamstresses

  • Electrician

  • Bike menders

  • Computers - not MACs

  • General wooden and plastic items

There’s no charge. Our goal is to save items which can be mended from going into landfill.

Please email Councillor Bridget Fishleigh with a description - and photo if possible - of your broken item so she can schedule you in and the team have an advance think.


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