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Peacehaven and Telscombe ambitions to become a 20-minute neighbourhood

Ambitions to become a 20-minute neighbourhood, where people can meet their everyday needs within a short walk or cycle, was outlined in the September Peacehaven and Telscombe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting.

Research has shown that benefits of a 20-minute neighbourhood include a boost to the local economy, spending locally and more businesses. Cars are used less and there is more active travel and an increase in street greening and green spaces. Overall, there is more of a sense of community and less anti-social behaviour.

Towns and cities globally realise that they need to create compact and sustainable neighbourhoods to meet these goals but face common challenges including financial, reduced staff and expertise, competing resources to prioritise and a lack of consistent goals.

However, steps can be taken by ensuring that there are inclusive activities available, walking and cycling routes are connected and there is a network of open spaces for multiple uses. The quality of streets and spaces should be prioritised, appropriate facilities put in place such as cycle parking and shower facilities and promotion of activity through local champions.

Cathy Gallagher Chair of the Peacehaven and Telscombe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, "Many of the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan reflect the goals of the 20-minute neighbourhood including better local facilities and infrastructure, better links to the South Downs National Park and the Coastal Path and improvements to walking and cycling routes. Providing a compact and sustainable town will also see less congestion on the A259 as people stay in the local area to shop and work."

Cathy Gallagher, Chair of Steering Group


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