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Proposed new 'No-Cycle' zones on the Undercliff at Saltdean, Rottingdean and Ovingdean

Proposals for new 'No-Cycle' zones on the Undercliff at Ovingdean Cafe, Molly's Coffee Shop Rottingdean, and the Whitecliffs Cafe Saltdean tunnel beach exit with signs, barriers to break the flow of cycle traffic, and painted pavement to highlight the fact it's a no cycle zone, are being put forward by Councillor Mark Earthey.

Mark Earthey said, "There is no intention of closing undercliff for cyclists, merely a request for all cyclists to obey the speed limit. We are asking cyclists to dismount at Ovingdean Cafe, Molly's Coffee Shop, and the Whitecliffs Cafe tunnel beach exit as we are getting increasing reports of near misses and aggressive cyclist behaviour. A 4 year old child was knocked over and hospitalised recently."

The campaign is backed by Saltdean Residents Association, Rottingdean Parish Council and Ovingdean Residents Preservation Society.

The council's speed limit along the undercliff is not legally enforceable, and even if it were, the police have insufficient resources to patrol it.

The campaign will also include signage at the Marina and at Saltdean to make it clear to cyclists who want to exceed the speed limit that their route should be on the dedicated cycle track along the cliff-top. The undercliff is meant for slower-moving cyclists, kids with training wheels, pedestrians, and those with mobility issues. The three cafes create bottlenecks where people queue to order food and drink, then sit at tables. It’s best that these congested zones are cycle-free.

There will be a July meeting of the Brighton and Hove County Council Transport Committee to discuss.

If you would like to share your views on this issue please contact Mark Earthey on

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