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Review: New ice cream machine at the Yemeni coffee co

Ice cream at Yemeni Coffee

Remember Pavlov's dogs? Ring a bell, they'd salivate. The words Ice Cream have the same effect on me. So, when Terri Crombie, chef at The Yemeni Coffee Co, mentioned the arrival of her new ice cream machine, my taste buds got very excited: softies and sundaes galore!

That is just one of several mouthwatering changes Terri is making. Some others are:

  • Opening hours extended: now 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week

  • Extra tables in the garden for outside service

  • Home delivery of surprises for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions

  • Weekend barbecues and other promotions

  • From 17 May, inside table service will re-start, subject to covid guidelines

Meanwhile, everyone's' favourites – bacon and sausage sardines, beans- and mushroom-enriched breakfasts – continue to pour out the door, either as takeaways or for al fresco garden dining. The almost-permanent queue at the door is proof of popularity.

“People like our flexibility” says Terri. “We listen to their feedback and try to accommodate their preferences. For instance, when someone wants a veggie or vegan version instead of a standard meal, we're happy to oblige. Our customer loyalty cards are another bonus”.

You can't miss the cafe, especially now they've updated and improved the signage. Just look for:

243 South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 8LD

T: 01273 965727

bon appetit!

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