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Saltdean couple celebrate anniversary of successful lockdown English Language business

Mitch and Isabell started a YouTube channel called "Easy English" a year ago in July last year after Mitch lost his job due to the COVID pandemic:

Their aim is to teach the English language through street interviews (asking various questions to the people of Brighton) and home videos, showing the different dialects, accents, slang and nuances in the English language and various cultural aspects of English life.

Their channel turned a year old on 13th July, and they currently have 35,000 subscribers and 750,000 views already on their channel.

They also offer a range of learning exercises on our Patreon membership, such as transcripts, vocabulary lists and various media downloads, these are all specifically connected to each episode we produce.

They're both Saltdean locals and conduct the majority of their interviews in the area (mostly by the sea).


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