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Saltdean Open House 'Art Trail'

Six artists are sharing their latest work including art deco influenced portraits; watercolour and inks; mixed media intuitive abstracts; handbuilt pots; and handmade jewellery on the weekend of 11th and 12th December 11am-4pm for the Saltdean Open House 'art trail'.

The artists will be displaying across 3 open houses, including Susan White's mixed media intuitive abstracts and Jan Mulreany's watercolour and ink Sierra Nevada series and small artists books which they will be displaying at the Solstice Exhibition, 26 Bishopstone Drive BN2 8FF.

Other artists include Pamela Jane's handbuilt pots for home and garden which will be on display at PJ Pottery, 15 Nutley Avenue BN2 8ED.

Polly Farrell's art deco influenced portraits, painted glass and ceramics; Jacinta Dalley's distinctive handmade jewellery inspired by the local coastal cliffs and Janet Roland's small craft items inspired by flora and fauna in her garden will be displayed at Steephill Studio, 22 Crowborough Road BN2 8EA.

There is also a craft fair at St Nicholas' Church Hall in Saltdean on Saturday 27th November from 10.30am to 4pm which some of the artists will have stalls at.

Contact Polly farrell for more information:


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