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Saltdean residents campaign to stop Mayfield Court high rise flats

Saltdean residents are campaigning to stop an additional floor being added to a three storey building on Lustrells Vale which will cause years of disruption to the area.

The landlord has submitted proposals to Brighton and Hove City Council giving local residents until the 14th June to respond to the proposals.

Mayfield Court, Lustrells Vale

Resident Adam Benoy, who lives in Mayfield Court, works nights and commented, "It will be impossible to live here if it goes ahead as there will be no way of sleeping when I’m on nights. I will have to move out. Aside from that, living on a building site along with the associated dirt and dust that it will give off will be awful.

I feel especially sorry for the elderly retired residents. It would be interesting to ask the people making these decisions how they would feel is someone built another house on their roof! Shocking really."

Site of proposal at Mayfield Court

Resident Matthew Bishop said "We purchased our flat as first-time buyers just under a year ago in Mayfield Court. We had seen a property in another local block with work commencing akin to that applied for now. We didn’t want to live on a building site and this was a big driver in our choice to purchase in Mayfield Court. Our solicitor asked whether any major works were being planned for the foreseeable future. We were told there weren’t."

Letter from Brighton and Hove District Council

Local residents object to the plans saying they are unhappy with the disruption to the neighbourhood it will cause, and that the new flats will overlook Saltdean Primary School with increased traffic outside the school. In the planning application and accompanying traffic report, residents complain that there is no mention of Saltdean Primary School or that the school will be overlooked by the new flats infringing on the school and pupils' privacy.

'I can’t begin to explain the mental and financial effect this will cause me'

Alice Pickering, a resident of Mayfield Court said, "I own and live in my flat on the top floor, if this planning application is approved I will have my loft space removed which I use for storage, and be expected to pay extortionate heating bills trying to heat a flat with no roof for months and live with an extreme amount of construction noise and lack of sunlight from the scaffolding for years. I am a young woman and work from home the majority of the week, I can’t begin to explain the mental and financial effect this will cause me and can only hope this application of greed will be objected by all." 

Priyanka Jose, resident commented, "We moved here recently and I have a child who is 5 years old and going to Saltdean school. If they started work here it will make noise and dust and my son and husband are allergic to dust. Also it will affect my child's health. We can't move anywhere soon. It will push us into a financial crisis. We are working in a nursing home so we have night shifts. During day time we can't take enough rest if it is really noisy."

Steven Little, resident, "I live with my two young daughters who are still at school. These works will make life very stressful for them and myself affecting our mental health. We are also concerned that the cost of heating in the winter months would be unaffordable for residents on the top floor."

Mark Bowles owner of top a floor buy-to-let flat, "The application is almost certainly about exploiting the removal of planning protections to make a fast buck. What's best for the locality or the people who live there self-evidently hasn't been deemed to be a significant consideration."

Other residents object to the building being out of character with the other 3 story buildings in the area. They say that there are no other high-rise flats so the higher building line than across the road, and Westbrook flats, diminishes the buildings aesthetic quality and makes Mayfield Court look out of place.

Local residents are urging everyone to share the link below and comment on the plans as soon as possible, before the deadline of the 14th June, to let the council know their feelings:


Planning comment link To see existing comments, and to make your own comment on the proposed development - click the link below, and scroll down to the button that says 'Comments'...


Local residents have organised a drop in meeting at 'Salt Cafe' Lustrells Vale at 11am 3rd June so people can find out more about the planning application. There will be a computer available so people can comment online should they wish to.

Meeting of Local Residents

Salt Cafe 11am Saturday, 3rd June

114 Lustrells Vale,


Brighton BN2 8FB


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