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Saltdean Swoove classes with Cat

I have a children’s, followed by an adults' Swoove class in St. Martins Church Hall, Saltdean on a Friday evening. Swoove Attitude 1800-1845, Swoove Fitness 1900-2000. £5 per child for Attitude and £7 per person for Fitness.

To Swoove is to Sing, WhOop and mOVE and it uses all the muscles in the body! Singing engages the abdominal muscles, and it’s much more fun than planking or doing endless sit ups!

It’s also a great stress reliever! Imagine turning up after a bad day…sing your heart out, whoop really loud and follow the easy moves to the music and you’ll soon be feeling so much better and more energised!

My first classes of September and last classes of March are charity classes, raising money for the local hospice.


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