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Sculptures take inspiration from Newhaven’s industrial heritage

A series of sculptural artworks by award-winning Sussex creative Richard Wolfströme has been unveiled in Avis Way in Newhaven in a bid to attract further investment.

Newhaven Enterprise Zone (NEZ) wants the artworks to help raise the profile of the town and make it a more enjoyable, interactive space for workers, locals and visitors.

The industrial and business estate is now home to a giant A-shaped concrete gateway sculpture and highly polished chrome lettering spelling out ‘Avis Way’.

There are also supersized ‘A’ and ‘W’ concrete shapes and cubes with timber seating and moulded quotes by notable historical figures such as Hemmingway, Gandhi and Einstein, providing an inspirational spot for a break.

The sculptures have been installed on a green space outside global lighting company Sylvania, which gave its permission for the site to be used and for the wider community to enjoy.

Richard Wolfströme said: “The artwork in Avis Way is designed to give the people who work and visit the business estate an attractive place to sit and enjoy being outside in an open space. I hope the ‘place’ quotations are inspiring and give people pause for thought as they take time out of their busy schedules.

“I’m really proud of the work, which features a bold use of materials and an unfussy look. It feels like a true representation of Avis Way and Newhaven, which is robust and creative, and taps into the town’s industrial nature and style while having something important to say.”

The sculptures have been created to proudly reflect Newhaven’s heritage. Concrete, steel and wood combined with bold text celebrate Newhaven’s history as a centre for industry.

Corinne Day, NEZ Programme Director, said: “Richard Wolfströme’s wonderful work perfectly encapsulates what we’re working hard to achieve here in Newhaven. We have a culture and heritage to rival any of our neighbours.

“Newhaven has a long and interesting industrial heritage which stretches back centuries and today it’s stronger than ever. At the same time, we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful places to sit and think, such as the South Downs, River Ouse, the sea and of course our new artworks in Avis Way.

“Newhaven is a town with a big heart, a strong sense of community and a determination to reach new heights. That’s what makes it so appealing to businesses and creative communities.

“We offer something different on the south coast: greater affordability for people and businesses, real energy and creative inspiration.”

For more information about Newhaven Enterprise Zone, visit the website at


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