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Seahaven FM radio for Newhaven and Peacehaven

Seahaven FM is the local radio station for the areas of East Sussex surrounding and including Eastbourne, Lewes, Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford. It is a Not-for-Profit Ofcom licensed community radio station run by a team of local people who are mainly volunteers.

As a local radio station, they aim to keep you entertained and informed about the area where we live and work. During the day we play the best melodic chart music covering 8 decades (the 1950s to 2021).

So you'll hear lots of familiar hits including some you've forgotten and/or never hear anymore elsewhere. In the evenings you'll hear a mix of specialist music shows and chat shows with a local twist.

They've got lots of local voices on air see if you recognise anyone when you tune in.


The idea for the station started in late 2006 and some initial 28-day Restricted Service Licence (RSL) test broadcasts were made in 2008.

Since the 1st February 2008 we have been streaming the station's broadcasts via the website so as of today, Sunday 15 August 2021 we have been on air for 4944 days or 13 Years 6 Months and 18 Days, and it continues today.

They were awarded the FM broadcast licence by Ofcom on the 8th September 2009 and were able to announce this at 09:09 on Wednesday the 9th of September 2009 or 09:09:09 on the 09/09/2009.

The full-time FM launch was on Sunday 9th January 2011. Until 2020 we used a low power transmitter on 96.3Mhz FM covering Seaford, Newhaven and parts of Peacehaven.

However, in 2020 they were awarded an extension to their licence by Ofcom to cover Eastbourne on 95.6Mhz FM and a transmitter power increase on our 96.3Mhz transmitter. So coverage in the area is now stronger a covers a much wider area. You can now drive along the coast road from Saltdean (east of Brighton) and almost to Bexill on Sea and listen to Seahaven all the way!

Volunteers Required

SeahavenFM is one of the key building blocks of our local community, providing information and entertainment for all and fighting the loneliness felt by many in our area. If you would like to help bring Genuinely Local Radio to the people of the Seahaven area, Seahaven FM needs you now! To find out more go to jobs at Seahaven FM page.

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