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Sheep arrive at Beacon Hill Nature Reserve

The sheep have arrived for their Autumn Graze and we will have around 250. You might notice they are a wide variety of breeds this year but all sourced from a very responsible farmer who’s breeding standards are very high. This year the Ranger has decided to reduce the number of designated grazing areas.

In previous years the Nature Reserve was split into 6 or 7 areas which meant 8 trips up to the hill to erect and move the electric fencing. Due in the main to the dwindling resources of BHCC it has been decided to reduce this to 3 areas. The rotation will be approximately one month on each of the Southern, Western and Eastern Sections. At times there will be two thirds of the Nature Reserve open and there is always access to the penned in areas but please do remember to keep your dogs on leads whilst walking through the sheep.

Scrub bash season is well underway and we are concentrating on the Eastern Side, up by the copse. We have had visits from the South Downs National Park Volunteers who drop into various sites across Sussex and help out where they can. We meet at 10AM on the 2ⁿ� Tuesday and 4th Friday of each month at the Beacon Hub for a 2 hour session. Please e-mail us at and see our

FaceBook page @beaconhillrottingdean for up-to-date info.


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