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Shoreline artists exhibit at Fishing Quarter Gallery in Brighton

Local artists are exhibiting at the Fishing Quarter Gallery next to the Fishing Museum on Brighton seafront from 21st -27th November.

Polly Farrell is a portrait, art deco and abstract artist who primarily works in acrylics; she also produces painted glass and ceramics. Polly is based in Saltdean at the Steephill Studio and Gallery.

By Polly Farrell @steephillstudioandgallery

Suzanne Almond brings a sense of fun, colour and vibrancy through surreal and eccentric collage, porting art, painting, drawing and Photoshop.

Anchor Your Soul by Suzanne Almond @suzalmond

Janet Cawthorne produces vibrant mixed media pieces, using non-traditional combinations of process and media.

By Janet Cawthorne @cawthornejanet

Caroline McEwan creates homeware, jewellery items created with eco silver or upcycled materials and mandala drawings using watercolours.

Love Message by @hopemoon_designs

The Fishing Quarter Gallery is on the Brighton seafront, south of the lanes and the Old Ship Hotel, next to the Fishing Museum.

The exhibition will be open as follows:

Mon 21st Nov 3-6pm

Tues 22nd Nov 12-6pm

Weds 23rd Nov 12-6pm

Thurs 24th Nov 12-9pm

Fri 25th Nov 12-6pm

Sat 26th Nov 12-9pm

Sun 27th Nov 12-5pm


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