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Show 'Mohand and Peter' in Kemp Town June 23 and 24 for Refugee Week

For Refugee Week (19 to 26 June) Sanctuary on Sea is hosting Psychedelight's show, Mohand and Peter, at St Mary's Church, Kemptown on Thursday and Friday June 23 and 24 at 7.30pm. The show will take you on a funny and poetic road trip in English and Arabic to Mohand's home country of Sudan.

No more borders. Mohand and Peter will travel everywhere and anywhere in the blink of an eye. A backflip in time, a quick hop back home, with humour and visual poetry they'll take you on a road trip to Sudan jumping from one character to another, including Omar al-Bashir, Mohand's 450 cousins, and a lazy camel.

"You know Peter, when I close my eyes I can see my country. I can see my village. I can see my people..."

Mohand and Peter bounce on one of the toughest international news of the decade and as two brave clowns, they fight horror with laughter and build a magnificent pedestal for Mohand's home country.

There are many events being held both nationally and all over Brighton and Hove for Refugee Week. Do come along to see this show which promises to be a lighthearted, fun evening.

A link to the Eventbrite tickets is here:


"Every day for the past 5 years since we created Borderline, I witnessed how much my cast miss their homes. I saw pictures of beautiful lakes, mountains, and ancient buildings; Videos of family gatherings, birthdays, and silly cats. I Facetimed brothers, sisters, but also nieces and nephews. Those kids that we spoil at weekends but that the people I work with have never held in their arms because they are not allowed to go back. Not for a wedding, not for a funeral, never. Their country is not just a war zone or a Talibans’ nest, it’s their homes. With Mohand & Peter, we aim to celebrate them." Sophie Bertrand Besse (director)

More information about the show here: Mohand & Peter.

More information about Sanctuary on Sea - the local Brighton City of Sanctuary organisation -


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