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St Aubyns Field new community space in Rottingdean

Rottingdean Parish Council is considering ideas for the community use of St Aubyns Field in Rottingdean which will be transferred to the Council in September 2023.

St Aubyns Field, and the grade II listed Chapel and Pavilion are being fully restored and the Parish Council will own the freehold on behalf of the community and maintain these assets for community use.

The first round of consultation has produced a range of ideas that, with some investment, would enhance the community benefit.

The Council will be considering these ideas as they plan for the future. You can submit your comments at, by email to the Parish Clerk or by post to: The Gables, 6 Dean Court Road, Rottingdean BN2 7DH.

The Field. 3.5 hectares of land for the community to enjoy with suggested enhancements including a 6 years + play area, wildlife area, adult gym, informal planting, a sensory garden and occasional fairs and markets.

The Chapel. The Chapel has a significant heritage interior with the potential to be a community space for 20-30 people. Ideas for the future include, community group meetings, open days, artisan fairs, concerts, art exhibitions, civic ceremonies.

The Pavilion. Located in the northwest corner of the Field it could accommodate up to 15 people comfortably in meeting or audience style. Ideas for its future use include a community/charity café (not-for-profit) or for community groups to use e.g., as a social club. If needed it has a separate section suitable for a toilet and kitchenette to support community events, a community café or an open shelter.


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