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The Egrets Way Project arrives in Newhaven

Work to finish the Egrets Way Project, to create a safe route for cyclists and others connecting Lewes and Newhaven, has finally begun on the delayed Newhaven to Piddinghoe route.

This path will run alongside the riverbank from Riverside Park in Newhaven to the north of Piddinghoe where, to avoid travelling along the C7, users will have to cross the road, travel 300m up Harping Hill and take the bridleway down to Chapel Barn and across the C7 to where the Egrets Way path heads north to Southease.

If all goes to plan, this new route will be open for use well before the end of the year.

Work being done in Riverside Park may cause some inconvenience to regular Park users but all is being done to ensure that this will be kept to a minimum and hope that, when the path is completed, everyone will agree that it was worth the wait.

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