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The Saltdean Way

From Sea to Downs and Back Again

The Saltdean Way is approximately 3 miles long and a lovely 2 hour walk to take in the sites of Saltdean. The path is moderate to rough as well as muddy and steep in some places so ensure you wear some sturdy shoes. Full details below and keep an eye out for a future post on the points of interest in Saltdean.

1. From the Saltdean Lido cross the Oval.

2. Walk north to the Saltdean Barn.

3. Continue north on Saltdean Vale past St. Nicholas Church and Hall.

4. Pass Newlands Barn on your left.

5. The Mount Estate - laid out as 1930's holiday homes - lies off to your right

6. Continue north past shops and bus stop. Looes Barn lies off to your left. Head straight ahead onto unpaved bridleway.

7. Follow bridleway through the gates to Pickers Hill Farm. Where paths intersect, turn left toward farm fields.

8. Climb High Hill with fence on your right, reaching Balsdean Farm, then turning left with views of the sea and downs.

9. The path ends at Bishopstone Rd. Turn right and take the byway known as Whiteway Lane down to Rottingdean Village. Head south down to the seafront, turn left and take the Undercliff Walk.

10. Arriving at the Saltdean Tunnel and going back through to the Lido.


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