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Walk and review your local Slow Way walking route

The Slow Ways project aims to create a national network of walking routes that connect Great Britain’s towns and cities and there are 16 Slow Ways walks in the Shoreline area linking Woodingdean, Saltdean, Peacehaven and Newhaven up with surrounding towns.

The routes were created during lockdown by volunteers and now the task is to walk, review and verify them all to inspire and support more people to walk more often, further and for more purposes.

Routes are named using the first three letters of the connecting town's name so Woodingdean to Saltdean is Woosal and Brighton to Saltdean is Brisal.

To help people decide if a route is suitable for them you can review a route by giving the route a rating out of 5 stars and verifying it if you think the route should be in the Slow Ways network.

You could also do a Slow Ways survey which is a deeper review on a route which includes technical information, details of features and barriers, and an estimated grading and requires self-verified training before submission.

While there are thousands of miles of paths linking places across Great Britain, there isn't a comprehensive and trusted network designed to help people walk off-road between towns and cities. That’s what the Slow Ways initiative, with its distinctive geometric connections, is creating.

You can find your local Slow Ways route by going to


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