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Walk from Telscombe Road to Mill Hill and back

The South Downs National Park has created a walking trail from Telscombe Road to Mill Hill and back again. It's 5.5 miles/8.8km, takes about 2 hours and has slight inclines and two steep sections.

1. The route starts from the bus stop adjacent to Downs Walk on Telscombe Road. Walk down the bridleway which heads off at the junction of Telscombe Road and Kirby Road. Follow the road to the second cattle grid and follow the track around to the right until you reach a signpost.

2. Walk through the village until you come to a bridleway on your left. Follow the bridleway down into the valley. Go through the gate and follow the track right to the farmyard.

3. Turn left at the South Downs Way signpost and follow to the top of the hill.

4. Do not pass through the gate, but turn left and follow the footpath along the field edge down into the valley. Go through the next gate and head up the hill. Continue across the field keeping the dew pond and sheepfold to your left and towards a gate ahead. Go through the gate across another field to a third gate.

5. Turn left on the Bridleway to Telscombe Tye. Go through the gate next to a reservoir and cross the fields through three more gates.

6. There is a dew pond here with a bench. Follow the bridleway back to the signpost at the top of the road and retrace your steps back to the bus stop.


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