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Yellowave Beach Sports in Brighton

Yellowave Beach Sports offers beach volleyball, beach soccer, footvolley, beach rugby and other sand based activities for all ages.

Play beach volleyball, hire a court, join a lesson, hire the Clubhouse room or simply enjoy the Cafe with outdoor sundeck and free sandy play area. They have organic coffee, beer, wine & a simple, healthy menu with fab cakes - come chill out.

Yellowave Beach Sports Venue opened in March 2007. It was set up by Katie Mintram, her husband Spencer Mintram and her dad Alan Randall. As a beach volleyball player Katie was determined to re-create the beach lifestyle she’d experienced after living in Huntington Beach, California and Manly Beach, Australia.

Katie, Spencer and Alan set up Yellowave Ltd in 2002. It took 5 years to develop from the first meeting to opening the doors in 2007. It’s the first centre of its kind in the UK with a dedicated team passionate about beach volleyball and sand based sports.

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